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Support for a Seniors Strategy In Saskatchewan

As a member of the SK Seniors Mechanism, the SRA has agreed to support the development of a Seniors Strategy for Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan does not have a seniors’ strategy, despite the fact that the percentage of the population 55 and over is approximately 27% and is projected to increase to 34% by 2038. The only resource in government specifically dedicated to seniors is one consultant position in the Community Care Branch of the Ministry of Health.

Because SSM is concerned that there is insufficient structure and strategy, they are doing research to determine what should be included in the framework of a seniors’ strategy for Saskatchewan. They held forums and focus groups with 600+ people around the province to gain input on what needs to be part of a Seniors Strategy. They have been working with CARP (Regina) and the Lifelong Learning Centre to gather information on what sort of government structure might best support seniors needs in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Retirees Association and SaskTel Pioneers have assisted in covering the costs for the survey and resulting report.

The next step is to invite individuals to fill out this survey to get wider input. SSM is asking member organizations to distribute a link to the online version of the survey to as many of their members as possible. The link is also on the SSM website and there is a print version available for download there, and it will also be in the Gray Matters magazine.

We are asking that responses be completed by March 31, 2019.

Here is the link:

Thanks for your help with this important work.


Randy Dove,
on behalf of the Board of Directors

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