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GMS and Greenshields describe enhanced service offerings that started March 1, 2024

Please click here to view the video of our webinar from April 22, 2024: “Enhanced service offerings that started March 1, 2024” presented by GMS and Greenshields.

2022 Annual Report

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SRA Member Assistance Plan Changes

We all need a little help sometimes. And that help should be easy to access when you need it. We’re always on the lookout for ways to expand services that make it easier for you to get the care you want. That’s why we’re introducing GMS Care Network, our improved assistance program that’s coming to your health benefit plan March 1, 2024. It replaces your current Member Assistance Program (MAP) through Homewood Health.

GMS Care Network has the health and life services that you’ve come to expect in an assistance program, and exciting features that we know you’ll love. Here’s a quick look at what it offers:

•  Virtual Primary Care. Talk to a Canadian-licensed general practitioner by phone, video or text message. Use this telemedicine service to get help with minor medical needs, digital prescriptions, and more. Plus, you own and manage your health record of these consultations.

•  Mental health and wellbeing support. Talk to an expert about stress, anxiety or depression, or consult about legal matters, financial planning, career and life transitions in the way that suits you – by video, phone, or in-person. Crisis support is available 24/7/365. Don’t feel that your provider is a good fit for you? You can unmatch yourself and choose a new provider. It’s that simple.

•  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Support your mental health with the self-directed online cognitive behavioural therapy program.GMS Care Network services are provided by Greenshield Canada. Details are included in the enclosed policy amendment. Please keep this letter and the amendment for your reference.

If someone is in the middle of getting help, it’s important that they can continue working with the professionals they trust. If a group member has started a counselling or wellbeing support program with Homewood Health before March 1, 2024, they’ll be able to complete their program with Homewood.

After March 1, 2024, any new requests for assistance program services are to be made through GMS Care Network. To access services by any method, plan members will need to verify this information:
     Organization code 282368 (Your group number)
     Member’s GMS ID number
Your plan member and their covered dependents can each create an account online at or get help 24/7 by calling 1-866-798-6793.
This phone number is only for your assistance program benefits. Questions about your health or dental benefits are still to be directed to GMS.

Winter 2023 Advisor

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Message from the Membership Committee

Recent changes have been made to the enrollment process for new members joining the SRA sponsored programs and services.

To Enroll in the Plan:

  • The SRA must approve and sponsor your SRA Membership Application before your enrollment in any SRA sponsored program or service can be processed.
  • Obtain your SRA Membership Application form at
  • Obtain your SRA Health and Dental Plans Enrollment Forms at
  • Please forward ALL forms (SRA – Member Application Form and GMS- Enrollment Form and Pre-Authorized Debit Form) plus the appropriate fees/payments to:

Scan and email your forms to:

Or mail to:

Saskatchewan Retirees Association Inc.
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For more information:
Call: 306-584-5552 (voice mail)