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2022 Annual Report

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Annual Membership Fee Change

At the May 25, 2023 Annual General Meeting, members approved the removal of the $20.00 annual membership fee effective January 1, 2024.

The rationale for the change is outlined here:
In 2013, member dues were waived for members enrolled in the SRA Health Plan. This decision was made in recognition of the costs members were incurring to participate in the SRA benefit plans. Over recent years, while many new members have joined the SRA and enrolled in the SRA Health Plan, the number of members not enrolled in the benefits plans has continued to decline.
At this stage, of the 3,800 active SRA members, only 260 members are not enrolled in the Health Plan. Of this group, 135 members have pre-paid their membership beyond 2023. Volunteers spend an estimated 100 hours tracking these members and providing reminders to renew their annual membership. These costs are estimated at $1,820.00 annually (postage, printing, distribution and volunteer labour).
Members approved the following motion:
“That the membership approves the removal of the $20.00 annual membership fee for all SRA members effective January 1, 2024”.
This change results in some lost revenue, but reducing each future year as this segment of the membership mostly represents our oldest members. With the membership approval of the direction, the SRA will return the pre-paid membership dues to the 135 members that have paid beyond 2023. This would be a one-time cost of $5,200.00. Affected members would receive communication outlining the decision, and assurances that they are still full, active members in the SRA.

Summer 2023 Advisor

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Message from the Membership Committee

Recent changes have been made to the enrollment process for new members joining the SRA sponsored programs and services.

To Enroll in the Plan:

  • The SRA must approve and sponsor your SRA Membership Application before your enrollment in any SRA sponsored program or service can be processed.
  • Obtain your SRA Membership Application form at
  • Obtain your SRA Health and Dental Plans Enrollment Forms at
  • Please forward ALL forms (SRA – Member Application Form and GMS- Enrollment Form and Pre-Authorized Debit Form) plus the appropriate fees/payments to:

Scan and email your forms to:

Or mail to:

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For more information:
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