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#1.New member Applications:

  • Can become a member at any time free of charge just fill out a new membership application form.
  • Must be employed or previously employees at one of the approved organizations( link – approved organizations). Employment confirmation required. SRA has approved organizational members from the public sector. Our mandate is to serve retired public sector employees. Organizations are approved which then provides for their retired employees to join the SRA.
  • Can either email your application form or mail it.

#2.Joining the Health and Dental Plans

There is a 25.00 registration fee to join the benefit plans that can be by attached cheque to the application form or etransfer the 25.00 to For all new applications, send the membership application form and GMS enrollment form all together. We will contact you if there are any issues.

#3.How long does it take to have my membership application processed?

The Membership Committee collects the mail weekly and processes it quickly. We will mail you a membership card and we submit your GMS enrolment forms to GMS on a weekly basis. GMS processes your SRA Health and Dental Plan enrolment forms quickly. However, GMS only starts new enrollees on the first of each month.

#4.Why does the SRA need employment confirmation?

SRA has approved organizational members from the public sector. Our mandate is to serve retired public sector employees. Organizations are approved which then provides for their retired employees to join the SRA.

#5.What does SRA accept as confirmation of employment?

SRA accepts one of: a letter from your employer, a business card or a pay stub (black out the financial information)

#6.Where do I send my completed application and enrolment forms?

Both the SRA membership application form and GMS enrolment forms should be sent to the SRA as follows:

Scan and email to:
E-transfer the $25.00 registration fee to


Mail to:
Saskatchewan Retirees Association
c/o Walter Scott Building
3085 Albert Street
Regina, SK S4S 0B1

#7.If I need more information, where can I call for assistance?

You can leave a message at 306-584-5552. We will endeavour to respond within two business days.

Group Benefits

#1.Our Health and Dental Plans

  1. The Saskatchewan Retirees Association has a board of directors and a volunteer committee that manages the group benefit plans.
  2. Our plan is underwritten by Group Medical Services, they look after any claims, payments, discussion on the claims.

If you have a concern about a claim, contact the GMS call centre at 1-800-667-3699. If you still need assistance, please contact us either by email or voice mail and we will assist you in resolving concerns you have. Email to: or leave a voice mail at 306-584-5552. We will endeavour to respond within two business days.

#2.Timing of the Benefit Plan?

Activation starts for new members on the first of the month of the member’s requested start date. Payments are withdrawn from your account monthly or special request for annual payments.

#3.Can I add my spouse/partner later to the plan?

Yes, you can add a spouse to the plan. Just complete an updated GMS enrolment form, add a spouse/partner to the new enrolment form and send it to us requested with the start date including the spouse/partner information as a family member.

#4.Are pre-existing conditions/prescriptions covered?

As long as retirees apply for SRA membership and enrol in the SRA Health and Dental Plan within 60 calendar days after their retirement date, their pre-existing conditions are covered by the SRA Health and Dental Plan subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Late applicants (after 60 Days of retirement) will be required to complete a medical questionnaire by the Insurer. The travel benefit is subject to the “stability” provision as outlined in the policy.

#5.May I pay quarterly or annually instead of by monthly pre-authorized debit?

GMS will accept only monthly or annual payments if requested by a member. If you want to pay annually, please contact GMS directly to make arrangements.

#6.Do I need to remain a resident in Saskatchewan to keep my health and dental benefits?

The SRA has many members who reside in other provinces and territories in Canada. You can relocate in Canada where GMS operates and retain your SRA membership and access to GMS benefits. GMS does not operate in Quebec, New Brunswick or Nunavut due to language expectations and differences in mandated prescription drug coverage.

#7.What happens when my spouse passes away, if they were the SRA member?

A surviving spouse can continue as the SRA member and continue to be enrolled in the SRA Health and Dental Plan. The membership can be reassigned to the surviving spouse who would then need to change the GMS status for coverage from couple to single status by completing an updated GMS enrolment form.

#8.What causes premium rates to change?

The premiums for the SRA Health and Dental Plan are calculated based on: the plan claims experience, trends in the industry and feedback from the membership. The plan review occurs yearly and any changes are effective on July 1st each year.

#9.To whom do I make out my payments?

When joining the SRA, you need to provide a payment to the SRA for the one-time $25.00 registration fee. Payment can be made by either an e-transfer, emailed to or by cheque, payable to the Saskatchewan Retiree Association, with your membership application.  GMS requests a VOID cheque and will contact you about arrangements to activate your pre-authorized payment process.

#10.How do I reduce my prescription drug dispensing fees?

Pharmacies set their own dispensing fees for prescriptions, so it’s up to you to shop around for a pharmacy that meets your needs. SRA has partnered with Express Scripts Canada to offer our members the best value when filling their prescriptions. Consider registering to take advantage of exclusive member benefits such as:

  • Low dispensing fees
  • Free delivery, Monday to Saturday
  • Refill and renewal reminders
  • Pharmacist team on call 24/7
  • Online transfers and refills
  • Enhanced packaging options to help you manage taking multiple prescription medications

Get started by visiting and selecting “Register”. Your VIP code is “SRA”. You can also download the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy mobile app and manage your prescriptions from virtually anywhere.

#11.Where can I find the current SRA Health and Dental Plan premium rates?

Premium rates for the SRA Health and Dental Plan are posted under “Group Benefits”, click on “Premium Rates” for the current costs.

#12.What coverage does the SRA Health Plan provide for diabetics?

Diabetic Drugs:

The plan currently covers all forms of diabetic medication approved by Health Canada that are prescribed by your health care provider and that are not over the counter medications. These medications are covered through the $1,700 prescription drug maximum. Drugs for weight loss are not covered.

The Health Plan was adjusted with changes to the diabetic supply benefit effective July 1, 2023. A prior authorization program was implemented for flash/continuous glucose monitors. This will include implementing a maximum for FGM (flash glucose monitors) and CGM (continuous glucose monitors) of $2,500 per individual per year including the transmitters and all sensors.

All traditional supplies (lancets, test strips etc.) will remain at the current unlimited maximum.
Capillary Blood Glucose (CBG) self-monitoring devices (to measure and assess glucose levels) are covered at one per person per five policy years to a maximum of $500. The capillary blood glucose testing devices will require manual submission through GMS’ online claims portal.

All diabetic drugs and supplies will work with the GMS direct pay client card through your pharmacy.

#13.How do I transfer from another approved organizational member’s retirement Extended Health Plan to the SRA Health Plan?

For members that may have joined another approved organizational Retiree Extended Health Plan in the past, you should be aware that you can transfer into the SRA Health Plan and then add Dental coverage.

#14.Can I join SRA (employer verification required) anytime even if I am on another health plan?

The SRA accepts transfers from other retiree extended health plans without medical evidence if the transfer is within a 2-year period, or age 70 years, from your original retirement date. Transfers later than the 2-year limit may be accepted with the completion of the GMS medical questionnaire

The enrolment forms are on our website or send us an email to for more information.

#15.Can I enroll in the SRA Extended Health Plan and then add the Dental option at a later date?

Yes, when you enrol in the SRA Extended Health Plan you can add the Dental option at the same time. You can add the Dental option later without medical evidence but only at the plan renewal date (July 1st). Members can only opt in and opt out of Dental at the renewal date.

#16.Does GMS cover dental procedures that occurred outside of Canada?

GMS does not cover dental procedures that occur outside Canada. The claims are not paid because it is difficult to verify whether the treatment was performed by a licensed professional as well as whether there may be fraud occurring. Also, other countries do not follow the standardized dental codes in place in Canada so its difficult to understand the treatment that occurred and may complete the claims forms in languages other than English.

#17.Why am I suddenly having my prescription drug claims declined and being told I need to apply for the Saskatchewan Government Seniors Special Assistance Drug Program for approval?

For SRA members that reach 65 years of age, GMS requires all members to apply  to the SK Seniors Drug Plan and file the letter received back about potential coverage levels with GMS. This program may reduce your costs and reduce the costs of prescription drugs to the overall GMS claims experience.

GMS changed their process for approvals for exception drug status (EDS) and the new automated approval system needs prior approval from the government prescription drug program before the drug claim will be processed.

Pharmacies can provide a one-time exception to allow drugs to be approved for a member. However, the pharmacy, doctor or the SRA member will need to apply for EDS status approval. Once SaskHealth approves the drug, the pharmacy will get authorization and claims can again be processed electronically.

Forms to apply for EDS are available from SaskHealth or your pharmacy to assist you in making application for EDS approvals.

Special Support Program – Side A – 2023

SRA Special Support Program – Side B – 2023

Special Support Program – QA – 2023

#18.What help is available when I need some counselling help with my relationships, health issues?

GMS Care Network (replacing Homewood Health) has the health and life services that you’ve come to expect in an assistance program, and exciting features. GMS Care Network services are provided by an agreement with Greenshields Canada.

Here’s a quick look at what is offered:

  • Virtual Primary Care. Talk to a Canadian-licensed general practitioner by phone, video or text message. Use this telemedicine service to get help with minor medical needs, digital prescriptions, and more. Plus, you own and manage your health record of these consultations.
  • Mental health and wellbeing support. Talk to an expert about stress, anxiety or depression, or consult about legal matters, financial planning, career and life transitions in the way that suits you – by video, phone, or in-person. Crisis support is available 24/7/365. Don’t feel that your provider is a good fit for you? You can unmatch yourself and choose a new provider. It’s that simple.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Support your mental health with the self-directed online cognitive behavioural therapy program.

Note: If you are in the middle of getting help, it’s important that you can continue working with the professionals you trust. If you have started a counselling or wellbeing support program with Homewood Health before March 1, 2024, you’ll be able to complete your program with Homewood Health.

SRA – GMS Care Network Poster – March 2024

#19.If I have retired and then decide to go back to work, can I suspend my SRA Health and Dental Plan coverage for a period of time while I’m back working with benefits from another public sector employer?

Members can suspend coverage under this policy if returning to active employment with an eligible SRA member employer and have not previously suspended coverage.

To reinstate coverage under this policy, Members must reapply:
a) under the same level of coverage in effect when the Member suspended coverage;
b) within two (2) years of the suspension; and
c) within sixty (60) days of losing coverage under the employer’s group benefit plan. Members who do not reapply with sixty (60) days of losing coverage will be subject to medical underwriting.

Members who reinstate coverage under this policy within the same policy year of suspending coverage, will have benefit usage retained and applied against annual maximums until the new policy year.

To activate this provision, please complete the Membership Change Form – return to work located as part of Members – Applications or call 306-584-5552 to discuss your plans.