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The SRA offers an array of services to members including:

  • Comprehensive medical coverage through a competitive health and dental plan. Coverage includes prescription drugs, vision care, hearing aids, health practitioners, out of country travel plus basic and restorative dental care.
  • Regular monitoring of proposed changes to public sector pension plans in Canada with communications to members about the changes and potential implications for members.
  • Advocacy in conjunction with like-minded partners focused on raising issues of importance to older adults in Saskatchewan. Often issues are raised through the SRA organizational membership with the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (SSM).
  • Opportunities for volunteerism through participation in SRA committees and the Board of Directors.
  • Information sessions offered virtually to members on topics of interest, often identified by the SRA membership.
  • Participation in influencing the direction of the SRA through the democratic process at the Annual General Meeting plus feedback through the SRA website and Advisor newsletter.

Why should you become a member?

The Saskatchewan Retirees Association (SRA)….

Focuses its efforts on issues and concerns common to retired Saskatchewan public sector employees.

Monitors current retirement benefits, Plannera and the Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP) plans in order to make relevant information available to members.

Informs members on issues that are relevant and timely through regular newsletters and informative webinars.

Advocates to government and other organizations for improvements to PEPP and Plannera retirement benefits.

Offers members a comprehensive health and dental insurance plan to help manage ongoing health costs similar to what was in place while working for the public sector in Saskatchewan. Refer to the SRA website for more information about benefits the insurance plans offer.

Manages the health and dental plans on behalf of its members upon their retirement from the public service. Members submit claims to Group Medical Services (GMS) in a similar manner to when they were employees of the public sector in Saskatchewan.

How does the SRA work for members?

  • The SRA is a volunteer led group of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of retired public sector employees by monitoring pension issues, offering members a post-retirement health insurance plan, and providing information about services and programs that are important to members in their retirement.
  • The SRA provides the ongoing management and administration of the health and dental plans provided to members through GMS.


At the September 2016 Board of Directors meeting, the Pensions Committee had its mandate changed to reflect the changing needs of the SRA. The Committee will now take on an expanded role to provide research on various topics of interest to the membership. Here is the updated mandate:

Pensions/Issues Committee


  • To provide leadership in responding to pension issues related to SRA members.
  • To research and recommend policies and approaches to sustain and grow the SRA membership.
  • To identify issues relevant to SRA members and conduct background research for consideration by the SRA Board of Directors.
  • To develop research based discussion papers for review and consideration by the SRA membership.
  • To manage the SRA advocacy process with external stakeholders
  • To review issues and concerns raised by members and make recommendations for action to the Board of Directors.

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Additional Information & Links

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